To achieve its objectives , CHAPOP offers information workshops, scientific and social character formation . These workshops are given in two forms: workshops and mobile home .

House workshops

The organization regularly invites individual resources (engineers, researchers, social speaker … ) recognized for their teaching talents. They just provide scientific and socio-professional workshops for youth .

During these workshops , students discover exciting scientific disciplines and sometimes unsuspected , develop personal and socio-professional skills, promote self-reliance , employability and thus prevent delinquent behavior . The emphasis is on fun and interactive side , lots of pictures and objects are available , experiments are to go and the room is equipped for video projections , and on the prevention and recovery of young people aware of the factors favoring the persistence to fight against all forms of violence of which they are victims or witnesses.

Mobile workshops

CHAPOP moves in primary and secondary schools as well as community organizations to introduce mobile workshops . During the summer, CHAPOP offers free workshops to day camps on the Island of Montreal . Interactive science workshops , during which children use and learn while having fun. and socio-professional workshops in which young people develop their social skills while reflecting on the meaning of their lives and their future. Our animators will be happy to share their passion with young people.